The Lobster has not always had claws. No, once they only had little stubs at the end of their arms. The story of the lobster getting itís claws is an epic story of which is so frightening the Governments of the world refuse to let out the true story.

It all began in the dark ages. Unknown to us the lobster and mankind were great allies. THE LOBSTERS HAD A GREAT KINGDOM of wealth, and power. Yes all seemed well, until as usual the human race started trouble

One night which would become possibly the darkest in the history of man, a evil knight named Lord Bob, and his evil friend Sir Bubba decided to capture a kind, brave, loyal lobster and see what he tasted like. Bob was the first to eat the lobster. Bubba questioned "My lord? Whatith does it tasteith likeith?" and with a evil look in his eye Lord Bob replied "Tis goodith!!!! Tasteith like chickenith!!!!!" and the evil duo began to laugh at their new find. "ARE ARE ARE!!!!!!!" they laughed all night until peasants from around the countryside began to show up. Soon all the human kingdom was obsessed with the taste of lobster.

Back in the kingdom of lobster news of the evil human betrayal had spread and fear ran through the countryside. King Psycho lobster III was outraged. After much pondering on the difficult matter he declared in the mid-evil voice of the day "Ifith thouí evil humanith shall eat thou noble lobster we shall returnith! As thouí evil humanith shall eat thouí noble lobsterith, thouí shall eatith the evil humanith!" Soon all throughout the lobster kingdom scientist were working on a new devastating weapon which would defeat the human race.

Meanwhile back in the Human Kingdom, blacksmithís were quickly working on swords and crossbows, while every young human was massing for a all out attack on the lobster kingdom. Swordsmen, knights, bowmen, and peasants were all ready to attack. ALL OVER people were saying "Weith shall eatith them allith!"

Four days later the humans Attacked. However, the lobsters were not ready. Greatly outnumbered and with their new weapon not yet finished the lobsters quickly fell to the human onslaught. Not even the elite fighting lobsters the Psychos could withstand. Retreat after retreat fell upon the lobsters. Soon they had been scattered into the ocean. However, they were not ready to give up. This is because the lobster scientist had managed to save the research on their mighty weapon. So while the evil humans feasted, and celebrated their easy won victory the remnants of the lobster force began equipping themselves with THE CLAW.

Three years after the defeat at Lobster Kingdom the lobsters were ready to strike. In revenge the lobsters burnt towns and reeked havoc on the human population, until human technology once again defeated them 100 years later, this time forever, as now we rule over the lobster.

Some say however, the dark days of the lobster are not over and that every now and then you can see a rebel psycho Lobster preparing for a attack and sharpening there claws. Yes, some even say that the lobster will attack again, creating stimuli that generally hurt like heck, and that the dark days of the lobster will never end until they have destroyed all the lobster eating humans in revenge of lost lobster comrades, and all the crimes against the lobster race have been avenged. So if you ever see a lobster looking at you strangely , there is nothing wrong with him, he just wants to eat you.



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